Product Development

Sourcing of Raw Materials


Marketing Direction

MAL Product Registration

Brand Design

Packaging & Printing

OEM Manufacturing

Integrated Solution for your own Brand

We are a turnkey solution provider for your own brand. We help companies create, launch and market products for our customers according to their needs.

Private Label, Design & Product Registration

We provide OEM and Contract Manufacturing services for our valued customers. We will assist you to create your own brand for your Company complete from sourcing of ingredients, formulation, product development under NPRA (National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency), and  MAL Product Registration, right up to marketing direction, packaging and concept design.

Traditional Herbal Licence, Health Supplement Licence and GMP Licence

Our Company has a Traditional and Health Supplement Manufacturing Licence which will help you to launch your product quickly with minimal fuss. We have over 10 years experience in this industry. We started out with humble beginnings by manufacturing products exclusively for a range of organic outlets and have since branched out to major pharmacies nationwide. Our plant are equipped with sachet, capsule and canister filling machines. Our portfolio of products includes:-

  1. Probiotics and immune health
  2. Antioxidants eg Vitamin C
  3. Digestive Health
  4. Detoxification
  5. Eye and Brain Health
  6. Men’s Health eg prostate health
  7. Women’s health eg. UTI
  8. Weight Loss and Meal Replacement
  9. Beauty and Anti-aging
  10. Bone & Joint Health
  11. Children’s gluten free milk
  12. Adult Protein Drinks eg Pea protein
  13. Heart Health

Product Development

Our Product Development Manager will aid in product formulation based on Customer intention to produce an inimitable taste and texture profile.  We will ensure the efficacy of the product is not compromised even though prices still remain competitive. External laboratory tests will be provided for product safety, bio-availability and stability. These functional foods are then normally packed into sachets, capsules or canisters for ease of consumer use. Meanwhile our team of nutritionists and pharmacists will liase with regulatory authorities to enable you to get the relevant approvals for your products to be sold in the market.

Packaging Design

We believe in the importance of packaging and design. Our own in-house graphic designers are also ready to assist you to create the image and look which your company desires for your packaging and labels.